Friday, October 26, 2012

Lunch at the Waynesburger

A neat little spot for a meal while on the road. Last week we were on our way back from a Washington DC trip. We were headed for a place in Shippensburg for lunch when we happened upon Waynesboro, a pleasant Central Pennsylvania town on rt. 316, north of I70 and south of Carlyle. Upon entering town were were met with a sign promising the best gyros in the universe. Although our search for the ultimate shwarma continues we did find an enjoyable lunch stop at the Waynesburger. A note to folks from Western Pennsylvania. Despite the name (a play on a major food group) this place is not in Waynesburg but Waynesboro.

Anyway--although the sign touted gyros, burgers and shakes are a staple here as well. Shakes come in 51 flavors but I'm afraid we skipped  them for this outing. I did have a delicious cheeseburger. There is nothing gourmet going on here, just a flavorful, not too dense, hamburger patty inside a conventional bun with the toppings of your choice. A treat.

Mary Alice opted for the Greatest Gyro in the Universe. She got a well-made gyro with moist, flavorful meat and the usual extras. She allowed as how the tzatziki was not to her taste and I thought the addition of feta sprinkles was a little odd but on the whole a perfectly good gyro.

Lastly, we had onion rings. These were a member of the battered school of onion rings as opposed to the breaded. I won't take a position on that theological argument but these were very tasty. Hot, crispy, filled  with actual rings of onion, they were accompanied by a container of something resembling Russian dressing, provided as a dip. Not something I'd had before but I liked it.

A $15 tab covered the whole business including drinks. If I came by this way again I certainly stop by.

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